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Warranty and Maintenance

We will be liable for any defects in the products in accordance with Finnish law.
It is a good idea to keep the shipping list that came with your products as the shipping list serves as proof of purchase and warranty.

If your device needs service, fill out a service statement, then follow these steps to have your device serviced:

Delivery to a service center
For easy and quick service, have it delivered directly to an authorized service center. Include a completed service declaration and warranty certificate.

Delivery by post
Deliver the equipment, completed service declaration and warranty certificate by post to:

Don't forget to ask for a voucher for the product you submitted.
Take into account longer processing times when dealing with mail.
Remarketing Email:

Pack the device carefully to ensure that it will withstand transport. If possible, use the original packaging or equivalent. The correct size of packaging and sufficient padding will minimize the risk of transport damage.

your name and address
phone number

Please also include the serial number of the device, if any.

Please note that the sender is responsible for the proper packaging of the device. If the equipment is not properly packed and is damaged on the way, the shipper is responsible for the damage.

We only redeem mailed items.

Starbuna products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Always follow the instructions for use and installation of the equipment, as the warranty only covers defects in material and workmanship.

You will find warranty information in the product specifications, as well as in the payment receipt and shipping list, which also serves as a warranty certificate. The warranty begins on the date of purchase. Please note that a repair estimate is chargeable if the defect is not covered by the warranty.

We recommend that you carefully read the manufacturer's warranty terms that came with your device. Primarily, the defective product will be serviced. If, for any reason, the service cannot be performed, the product will be replaced with a product of similar performance.

The warranty does not cover damage or loss of data, removable storage media or software, fluid damage, software failure, mechanical damage or the like. If the defect is not covered by the warranty, the customer will be charged a verification fee of at least $ 30, depending on the product.

If service is found to be out of warranty, contact Starbuna Customer Service or Starbuna. The service company will charge for the cost estimation according to its price list, however, at least 30 euros. If the unit is repaired outside the warranty, inspection and cost estimates will be included in the cost of service. Transportation costs are always added to the prices.


Starbuna is responsible for any defects in the products in accordance with Finnish law. In the event of a dispute, it is possible to bring the matter before the Consumer Disputes Board. Before submitting to the Consumer Disputes Board, we recommend that you contact Consumer Advice. If the consumer has not been in contact with consumer advice first, the Consumer Disputes Board may decide not to pursue the case.