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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Company name: Starbuna Oy
Business ID: 2904165-8
Address: Sturenkatu 26 AS 36, 00510 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 44 366 0224


customer Service Center
Phone: +358 44 366 0224 is a trading site of Starbuna Oy. The terms and conditions herein apply to the commercial relationship between the customers and Starbuna Oy. The products and services offered by Starbuna Oy will also be subject to the terms and conditions defined by that service provider. Starbuna Oy has the right to change these terms and conditions without notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of ordering, which can be found on Starbuna Oy's website.

Starbuna Oy shall not be liable for any damage caused by force majeure. A force majeure event is an unforeseeable circumstance or a change of circumstances outside Starbuna Oy's area of ​​influence. is obliged to notify the customer immediately of force majeure.

Customer and Privacy
The trade relationship shall be conducted in accordance with the applicable Finnish and EU legislation regarding marketing, advertising and consumer trade. is for business and consumers alike. The commercial agreement between Corporate Customers and Starbuna Oy shall primarily comply with the terms and conditions hereunder, the rest shall comply with the Finnish Commercial Law.

When placing an order, the customer is required to provide their full contact details, which must include the consumer's name, address and telephone number, and possibly an email address. Required information for business customers is contact name, phone number, email, and business ID, mailing address, telephone number, and billing address.

Customer information is stored in Starbuna Oy's customer register and is used to maintain customer relationships. In addition, Starbuna Oy and companies of the same group have the right to process and disclose information contained in the register for legitimate purposes (such as direct marketing) in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99).

The statutory Privacy Statement is available at Starbuna Oy, Sturenkatu 26 AS 36 00510 Helsinki, Finland. If you wish to prohibit the use and processing of your information for marketing purposes or to verify your personal information, please contact Starbuna Oy Customer Service. All communications must be made in writing and signed to Starbuna Oy, Sturenkatu 26 AS 36, 00510 Helsinki, Finland. See the Privacy Statement for more information.

After purchase, the customer will be sent a product review request if an email address is added to the order. Reviewing is voluntary. The review will only include products already purchased by the customer. Customer information, such as contact information, will not be displayed publicly when reviewing.

The information collected through the reviews will be used to improve the product portfolio, services and customer experience.

We use cookies on to make the site more user-friendly. Cookies on make the experience easier, better and faster. We also use cookies to provide more personalized product recommendations and better offers to the customer. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user's hard drive through the Starbuna.f web server. For to function properly, some of its content may require cookies. It is likely that the user's web browser will accept cookies with default settings, but you can also disable cookies in the browser settings or delete cookies from the browser after you stop using the site. For more information, see the browser-specific documentation and the browser manufacturer's instructions.

Price list
Our prices include VAT, please note that transportation is not included unless otherwise stated. In the case of obvious price errors, the product will not be sold at a clearly lower price if it can be assumed that the customer understands this error.

Prices are always checked at the time of processing. If you have an open order, we will adjust the prices when the price falls. We deliver the products at the original price if the price of the product rises before the order is shipped.

Estimates of delivery times are based on information provided by importers and manufacturers. Starbuna Oy or its suppliers shall not be liable for any delay in delivery due to unforeseen changes in the performance of those outside our control. We reserve the right to restrict exceptionally large sales and Starbuna Oy will not sell to resellers.

The age limits for products are set by law. Ordering K-18 products requires giving birth to Starbuna Oy.

Provision offers a wide range of shipping services, you will find more information about the various shipping options and their service content on our website. In the shopping cart, we always take the shipping offers into consideration automatically. Please note that single order products can be shipped in multiple shipments.

Once we have received your completed order, we will attempt to process it within 48 hours. Complete order means that all products are in stock and reserved for the order, and the payment method of the order is approved. After you have placed your order, your order will be processed by our logistics center. Product ships usually in 1-5 working days. We will try to ship all ordered products in the same shipment if the order contains more than one product. Large products over 35 kg are transported in individual consignments. We will deliver the product as an after-delivery if the product is temporarily out of stock or has a different delivery date. You will also find information on the estimated delivery date of the products on the product page of the online store.

If the availability of the product is poor or the delivery of the product is delayed beyond our control, Starbuna Oy is not obliged to reserve other products of the same order to the customer. You can either accept the delayed delivery or cancel your order. Postage on postage will normally be charged according to the current price list. We will cancel the order if the order has been in the reservation for 7 days unless the customer has agreed to the delivery in accordance with Starbuna Oy's terms and conditions.


Although orders are placed on the same day, we treat the orders separately and each order is charged with shipping costs.

Shipping costs are stated when ordering.

We accept online payments, card payments and invoices as payment methods at Payment methods are MasterCard, Visa, VisaElectron, American Express and MobilePay. If you want to pay by invoice, you will need to provide a social security number.

At we will provide current information on payment methods. If you pay online (e-payment) you will need to create a client account.

It is possible for our corporate customers to apply for a billing account through our corporate sales.

Klarna AB offers Klarna Invoice and Klarna Batch Payment as payment methods. Further information about the credit provider and more detailed descriptions of the credit are specified in the shopping cart as required by law.

By paying the invoice, you agree to Collector's General Terms and Conditions for invoice, overdraft and installment payment, standard European Consumer Credit Information, and confirm that you have read Collector's Personal Data Processing.

Notice of Return and Cancellation
It is very important to us that you are satisfied with your order. The right of withdrawal under the Consumer Protection Act means that you have 14 days to review the products and make a purchase decision. You must notify Starbuna Oy of your return (exercise of the right of withdrawal) within 14 days of receipt of the products. Please return the product immediately or no later than 14 days after submitting the cancellation notice.

If you would like to replace the product you have ordered, please return the product as described below and place a new order at

Please follow these instructions when returning your product:

- Please handle the returned product and its original packaging. You will be responsible for any reduction in the value of the product up to the full price of the product if you have used or negligently used the product. Please return all parts of the product, including instructions for use and packaging. For sealed products, such as games, films and CDs, only unopened packages are eligible for return. Returnable cosmetic and health care packaging should be in unopened original packaging.

- When returning a product, complete the return notification, find a return notification on, or use the EU Consumer Rights Directive withdrawal form. The return notification will be attached to the package depending on the item being returned. Please provide your bank account number for a possible refund.

- Follow these instructions if you have received a defective or incorrect product. In the "Additional Information" column of the return notification, mention how the product is defective and whether you want to replace the product with the one that is undamaged. We will be responsible for shipping the product in case of defective or incorrect product.

- If the product is modified or manufactured to your specifications, they will not be entitled to a refund or order. A different return policy is mentioned in the product text.

- If you have opened the product seal, the product cannot be returned. If you return cosmetic and health products, they should be in unopened original packaging. Hygiene products such as epilators, hair trimmers, hair care products and hairdressers, razors, electric toothbrushes and oral hygiene equipment, fever and blood pressure monitors and bed linen are non-refundable.

- Returns can be made at Post Offices.

Product Return / Replacement
You have 14 days return policy, you can return your products with free customer return by post. We will bear the cost of the return once the return has been made in accordance with the instructions through the Post Return Customer Service. Please contact our customer service by email ( first when returning home appliances, TVs over 32 inches, or any other item that requires special shipping.

You can explore the product and use it for 14 days. Please take care of the product and its supplies, instructions and of course the product packaging until you decide to keep the product. If you have used a product, you are legally liable for any impairment.

Please keep all customer return documentation carefully until you have received your receipt from

Restrictions on the right of return are governed by Chapter 6 of the Consumer Protection Act 16: Once the product package is opened, games, films, software or other sealed products are non-returnable. Hygiene and intimate products do not have a return right after opening the package because the product is not returned for sale due to its nature. Hygiene and intimate products include epilators, razors, hair trimmers and nose / ear trimmers, hair care products and hairdressers, electric toothbrushes and oral hygiene products, fever, blood pressure and blood glucose meters, and alotesters, earmuffs and handsets.

Service Products or Digital Content will not have the right of cancellation under the Consumer Protection Act if the Service has been fully performed or the digital content has begun to be delivered electronically with your consent to such delivery and the absence of a right of cancellation has been notified in advance.

Please pack the returned items carefully.

Please return the returned address label to the product you receive with your shipment.

Return address: Starbuna Oy, Sturenkatu 26 AS 36, 00510 Helsinki, Finland.

If the package is returned in the normal delivery and you send the package from Finland, the return is free of charge. We recommend that you request a proof of return.

When returning perfumes, hairspray, nail polish, cleansers or bleach powders, please return the original shipping container with the required shipping labels. Please contact customer service if the original shipping package is not available,

When returning perfumes, hairspray, nail polish, cleansers or bleach powders, please return the original shipping container with the required shipping labels. Please contact customer service if the original shipping package is not available for proper packing and labeling information.

Free home delivery is only possible from the post office, not from home. If home delivery is the only method of delivery for your product, please contact our customer service for product return. We are entitled to charge $ 50 per item for such home delivery products.

Please contact our customer service if you would like to resize, please state the model name, article number and size you want. Also, give us your order number so we can find your order faster and make sure you get the right size. We will resubmit the new size as soon as the resized size is logged into our system. Please return the product and place a new order if you would like another model. 


If you would like to cancel your order in full or return some of your ordered products, please read the instructions carefully and fill in your details so that we can make sure that the correct person is returned. Please place this Cancellation / Refund Form according to the products. Please contact our customer service first to resize.

PRODUCTS TO BE RETURNED: __________________________________________________________________________________



I WANT TO CHANGE THE PRODUCT: _________________________________________________________



ORDER NUMBER: ___________________________________ ORDER DATE: ____________________


CUSTOMER NAME: ___________________________________________________________________



EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________________


ACCOUNT NUMBER: BANK ____________________________________________: ___________________

DATE: _________________________ SIGNATURE: ______________________________


Warranty, Support and Liability for Defects
The manufacturer determines the warranty for the products in accordance with their warranty terms. Before using this product, please read carefully the warranty terms that came with the product. You can find the warranty terms in the product manual, in a separate warranty form, or at the manufacturer's website. As a rule, the warranty covers only defects in material and workmanship of the product. The warranty period is defined in the product information.

The manufacturer or importer will determine the warranty repair in accordance with their warranty terms. Please contact the manufacturer or their service company directly for faster service.

The maintenance time estimate is approximately 10-15 business days. We have to ship some of our products for service abroad, as there is no manufacturer-authorized service in Finland. As a result, the estimated uptime estimate is approximately 10-20 business days.

If the product has been unduly delivered for warranty service, the full cost will be charged to you. We are not liable for any damages resulting from Buyer's actions. We also charge the service company for any unnecessary maintenance visit and any costs incurred by our company.

We will notify you of the receipt of the product and will keep it for three (3) months. After that, the product goes for recycling. (Trader Right to Sell Unclaimed Item)

The responsibility for digital recordings is always determined by the risk. We are not responsible for any information or software stored on digital media at the customer's risk. It is your responsibility to make a backup. Please note that there is always a backup to be done before the maintenance process, we will charge an additional fee for saving the files from the damaged device.

Starbuna Oy shall be liable for any defective liability for any products that have come to the end of their warranty period or have not been warranted. For more information, send an e-mail to

When claiming a defect or returning a product, you must provide proof of purchase, receipt or other proof of place and date of purchase. We reserve the right to charge the buyer the cost of searching for a receipt.

Complaints will only be handled in writing. Free-form complaints can be submitted by e-mail to You can leave customer feedback on our website.

The Complaint Personnel work directly under the management team. If necessary, our staff will consult with management in handling a customer complaint.

Settlement of Disputes and Jurisdiction: The Consumer Customer shall have the right to submit any disputes arising from this Agreement to the Consumer Disputes Board ( Please first contact the Consumer Advisers' Office ( before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board. You can sue Starbuna Oy in disputes arising out of your contractual debt, either in the district court of Starbuna Oy's domicile or in the district where you are domiciled in Finland. If there is no domicile in Finland, the disputes will be heard in the district court of Starbuna Oy's domicile.

Lawyers' fees are not reimbursed because the Consumer Advice and Consumer Disputes Board provides free assistance in resolving any dispute.

Additional terms for business customers
We will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or loss of income resulting from the product and / or service. Our liability is always limited to the content of these terms and conditions. Liability for defective products is limited to the possible refund of the purchase price less the operating benefit.

The warranty period for a commercially used device is determined by the manufacturer's warranty conditions and the expiry of the warranty period also terminates Starbuna Oy's liability. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, the warranty and the seller's liability will expire when the product is opened for modification.

We reserve the right to direct business customers directly to the manufacturer or its authorized service representative. For more information on servicing, email us at

Data and software stored on digital media are the user's responsibility. It is your responsibility to maintain backups and we will charge you an additional fee for saving your files after a product failure.

We will notify you of the receipt of the product and will keep it for three (3) months. After that, the product goes for recycling. (Law of the Trader on the Right to Sell an Unclaimed Item).

We are not obligated to perform the contract if it encounters a force majeure that it cannot reasonably overcome. In the event of force majeure, we shall not be liable for any loss or expense incurred by the customer and shall be entitled to terminate the contract.

You unquestionably agree to our Terms of Service when you place your order and / or request for a quote. If the terms of the contract you are using contravene our terms, then we will abide by our own terms.