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Privacy Policy


When you order from us, the customer information you provide will be strictly confidential to us and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Communication between the customer and Starbuna is secured using SSL / TLS. The SSL / TLS security policy protects communications so that third parties cannot monitor or change your confidential information by monitoring the connection. For example, Finnish online banks and other online services that require secure connections rely on SSL / TLS security practices.

We use Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication systems to ensure the security of your transaction when paying with a credit card at the Starbuna Online Store. For your security, we will never store your debit card number. Doing so will prevent anyone from subsequently misusing your information.

We use cookies. Cookies are small identifiers that are transferred from the server to the visitor's computer during the session and are commonly used in online shopping and other online services. Cookies are used to enable the visitor to switch between our services during the session. The use of cookies does not burden the visitor's computer and is not visible to the visitor during the session.

We also improve the quality of our service by using cookies to track e-commerce traffic. For Starbuna's online services, tracking visitor traffic means, for example, analyzing the landing pages, cookies, and product and other pages used by consumers for cookies identified by cookies.

The use of cookies facilitates e-commerce and makes it easier for our customers to sign in to the e-commerce store, and the use of cookies also allows us to create a different combination of information about our e-commerce customers.

The information we collect through cookies is anonymous, but it is possible to link the collected information to personal information received from the customer and to use it for targeted advertising (also called retargeting). Retargeting means that you may see ads on other websites about the products you view in our online store or related products.

Using cookies does not damage your computer or your files, or you can turn off cookies in your Internet settings. Disabling cookies may affect your e-commerce experience, and for this reason, we always recommend using cookies in for the best e-commerce experience.

We use a partner to implement visitor tracking. The partner analyzes the information on our behalf, so that we can use the information to develop our site. The information used is anonymous and we do not disclose personal information provided in the course of registration or ordering.

If you would like more information on how our online shop works, please contact our customer service.


In order to access the Starbuna Online Store, you must have a personal username and password. It is the customer's responsibility not to disclose the password to third parties.

Do not store your username and password in the browser memory when shopping online on a shared computer.

It's a good idea to clear your browser's cache after you've made a purchase. Clearing the cache is done in the Internet Options section of the browser menu.

When done, be sure to log out and close your browser to prevent the next user from viewing the pages you are browsing.


We utilize Google Analytics at, a Google Inc. analysis tool that stores and sends cookie-generated information about your use of the website to its servers in different countries, including your IP address. The information we collect may be processed in a different country, wherever you are. The data can be used for example. advertising, reporting on site activity, analyzing user interactions, and providing services related to the use of the site and the Internet.

Google may also pass on information to third parties as required by law. Google also transmits data in the event that a third party processes the data. The gool may have information about you, but the IP address is not associated with this information. Cookies may be disabled in your browser settings, please note that some of the features of the pages may not work.

By accessing our website, you agree that Google will treat your information as described on this page and in accordance with Google's privacy policies.